Our advisors have worked across many industries with many small to medium enterprises allowing a broad understanding of what works, what doesn't work and how to scale with stability. Our advisors have also had intimate dealings with multi-nationals, such as Konica Minolta, McConnell Dowell, Flight Centre, Downer, Fuji Xerox, Glassons and Macpac to name a few.


Let's get the fundamentals in place. 

Growing your business is likely to require a marketing focus but that doesn't mean you'll be asked to spend a lot of money. Thinkroom has found that many businesses overlook marketing fundamentals, neglecting the power of what's free and what's most relevant in today's business environment.  If you're a B2C entity, we will likely take you on a social media journey by testing, measuring and proving results. If you have a B2B entity, your marketing focus will likely be highly targeted and pollinated with an overhauled sales process.

You'll find a list of marketing services that we offer at the bottom of this page.


Gain what others take an entire career to learn.

We are profit-driven, transformational leaders that focus on supporting the entrepreneur, as well as the business. When appointed to a board, we represent aggressive growth while respecting and valuing the wisdom of structured, scalable systems.  You’ll find our advisory style a refreshing accelerant in amongst the typical cautious environment. Supporting your business can occur as frequently as you wish and is relevant to what your business can afford.


Business Development

  • Mergers & acquisitions

  • Sales process development

  • Franchising

  • International expansion

  • BDM recruitment

  • Client acquisitions

  • Tenders

Social Media 

  • Facebook advertising

  • Instagram promotion

  • Linkedin advertising


Web Marketing

  • Online conversions

  • Website design

  • Web usability assessments

  • Google promotion​​


  • Conceptual development

  • Culture & people

  • Rebranding

  • Public Relations



  • Annual reports

  • Company profiles

  • Magazine composition​

Media Management


  • Packaging - conceptual design

  • Print procurement

  • Direct mailings




  • Strategic planning

  • Growth management

  • Board appointment

  • Access to capital


  • Operational restructures

  • System development

  • KPI's & accountabilities

  • Understanding of lean.

  • Offshore recruitment

  • Transformational change

  • Business manuals​


  • Conceptual functionality

  • Usability design​ (UX/UI)



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