Instagram Advertising

Why is Instagram advertising popular?

If pictures paint a thousand words, then why wouldn't people want to share their lives and experiences with their friends? Instagram is a simple app where users can follow subjects (hashtags) & share their moments and experiences, so friends and followers can like, comment, tag and share. It's a platform based on aesthetics, beauty and photographic talent. Instagram advertising is perfect if you want to promote fitness, health, fashion and more.

Is Instagram advertising effective?

With almost 9.5 million Australians and the majority between the age of 18-34, Instagram is a social media marketing platform that can't be neglected for advertisers. In fact, Facebook couldn't ignore Instagram's popularity either and consequently purchased it in 2012 for approximately 1 billion US dollars.

What this means for digital agency's like Thinkroom, is that we can tap into Instagram advertising, by using Facebooks comprehensive tools and analytics. Instagram advertising can precisely target the audience of your choice.

Target your audience with Instagram advertising.

When preparing to advertise on Instagram, it's important to know the facts, because the demographics of the platform is very different from other platforms. In fact, it's pretty uncool for young people to be on Facebook where their parents hanging out are watching their every move.

57.1% of the users are female, and it's the second most downloaded app from the apple store. Almost 62% of users log in at least once a day, if not multiple times per day. All-in-All, Instagram advertising is a valuable social media tool for digital agencies. We can design campaigns to your target demographic, establish a known brand and drive customers to purchase from your website.

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