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Social Media Marketers

We'll increase your brand awareness, your quality of leads and improve the public perception of how likeable you are. It's easy to get your social communications wrong, by Thinkroom's social media services include the creation of a content marketing strategy. Timing is one important factor we consider, and brainstorming compelling ways to engage your audience is another.

Most social media marketers post for the sake of posting; they create activity, but there's no real reason for the post other than that activity. In contrast, Thinkroom's social media consultants will capture an audience, increase brand awareness, create a sequence of remarketing communications warming the hearts of your audience, and then convert sales at a higher rate than you've had before. Think of marketing as an engine with a lot of moving parts required to make it hum. Social media is mostly used as the starter-motor. It's essential and needs the right combination of fuel and timing to gain momentum.

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Our Social Media Services Include

Facebook Advertising
Facebook ads can be conceptualised in a number of ways, but we usually use these ads to capture an audience that we can win over within time.

YouTube Advertising
Our YouTube social media services allow a particularly low-cost way of increasing brand awareness.

Instagram Advertising
Our social media marketers use Instagram to target audiences that appreciate aesthetics or when we're promoting items that require visuals. Building an audience here is extremely valuable.

Linkedin Advertising
If your target audience is of a B2B nature, then Linkedin could be an option to consider and test. Our social media consultants will advise on the recommended budgets and organic strategies.

Nobody 100% trusts you the first time they meet you; it takes time, and that's why remarketing is such an important ingredient to your social media strategy.

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Social Media Consultants, Sunshine Coast

Our core team, including our social media consultants, are based right here in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. That said, we grow businesses for clients all across Australia and even in New Zealand. There's no substitute to meeting our social media consultants in person, so we usually travel to your office on occasion, but we mostly operate by video call. Regular communications occur where we share screens, updating you with the results we've achieved, analytical reports, what we're working on and where we're heading. It seems to be the perfect balance of efficiency and detailed communication. Our clients seem to be happy with this arrangement.

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Is Social Media Advertising Expensive?

All platforms will have a different cost per click for your advertising, but all in all, it's only expensive if it's not working. Our social media consultants will set a budget that includes all PPC channels and then split the budget appropriately after testing what works best for you. This budget is usually set at $1000 per month, but you can increase it once you know it's working. Think of it as a tap that delivers leads when we open it and tapers off when we close it, allowing you to keep up with the demand operationally.

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Are Social Media Marketers Expensive?

If you employ a senior-level marketing manager in-house, you'd be paying between $80,000-$120,000 AUD per year, plus expenses. The challenge with this is that one person only has so much experience, knowledge and won't have other creatives to bounce ideas off. Engaging Thinkroom’s team for social media services will cost you as little as a third of an employee, and in addition, you'll get experienced minds you simply can't employ. You'll also get more than just a social media consultant; we look at growing businesses from a holistic point of view, and as we mentioned in our first paragraph of this page, social media marketing is only one small part of the marketing engine.

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