Youtube advertising

How Youtube advertising works

We'll pinpoint your target audience and raise your brand awareness, making your business a household name. More importantly, Youtube advertising strategies will drive interested customers to your website to spend their hard-earned cash.

Timing your ads at exactly the right moment

Youtube advertising is a powerful digital marketing tool, tapping into customers at the very moment of peak interest in a subject similar to the products your sell. What more could you ask for? For example, if you were watching a youtube video on how to grow muscle fast, then a six-second Youtube bumper advertising campaign about the protein supplements you sell, would be ideal. If we are to sum-up why Youtube advertising is so effective, the answer would be "timing". You can time your products to be in front of consumers at precisely the right moment when they are most likely to buy.

Project Management

Thinkroom's experience in project managing video productions for Youtube advertising campaigns, includes establishing the creative, licencing audio, building correct audiences, delivery analytics, and reporting.

The production of your Youtube ads requires significant resource, so Thinkroom always looks to multi-purpose the end-result so it can be adapted for other platforms too. It's common that our video professionals will export for Instagram, Facebook, your website, as well as Youtube. We do this because one size doesn't fit all. The video ratio needs to be correct for the platform you're advertising on, and more importantly, if you load a Youtube advertising video onto Facebook, your reach will be limited because it's not native Facebook content.

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