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The best social media consultants think about more than just posting, sharing and engagement; they also think about remarketing and the customer journey over a long period of time. Social media services are only one part of your marketing engine but essential non the less and a valuable mechanism in growing your customer base. In fact, activity on your social channels can even assist in your online Google rankings.

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Social Media Consultants

Thinkroom's team of social media consultants are spread across Australia with our core strategists based in Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast.

We first plan a calendar in line with your seasonal trends. For example, if you operated an air conditioning business, there would be weather dependant moments to communicate maintenance. If you owned a finance company, there would be moments within the year to promote travel loans.

Next, we create a theme and visual aesthetics. This theme is carried through to posts, with variations that, when combined, look none other than spectacular. Some post campaigns will be planned and incentivised for engagement. Here's we will have pre-planned a series of communications enticing the audience to like, share, engage and vote. Each time this occurs, the user is exposing their connections to your brand.

All in all, there's a lot of planning, plenty of analysis, and the key to social posting is to make it an entertaining channel that followers enjoy.


Paid advertising on Social media

Many social media marketers only engage in paid advertising and posting. As mentioned before, Thinkroom's social media services include a strategy that extends beyond each social platform to ensure we are maximising leads converting into sales. We do this with a combination of landing pages, remarketing, email advertising, to name a few.

Where it all starts, however, is on social platforms such as Facebook advertising, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok ads, Youtube branding, Instagram ads, and various other platforms. Each platform has its advantages, and a unique way to advertise that requires specialist skills to be handled effectively.

Budget planning

We initially start with budget planning and then split test variations of an ad to maximise your results. We don't spend the full budget unless we know it's working and giving you a healthy return. As time goes on, we reduce your cost per click, improve your audience quality and introduce remarketing to a growing customer base.
If you'd like to learn more about each different platform, its demographics and how Thinkroom's social media consultants can position your brand, then please follow the links at the bottom of this page.

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Social Media Consultants, Sunshine Coast

Our core team, including our social media consultants, are based right here in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. That said, we grow businesses for clients all across Australia and even in New Zealand. There's no substitute to meeting our social media consultants in person, so we usually travel to your office on occasion, but we mostly operate by video call. Regular communications occur where we share screens, updating you with the results we've achieved, analytical reports, what we're working on and where we're heading. It seems to be the perfect balance of efficiency and detailed communication. Our clients seem to be happy with this arrangement.

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Is Social Media Advertising Expensive?

All platforms will have a different cost per click for your advertising, but all in all, it's only expensive if it's not working. Our social media consultants will set a budget that includes all PPC channels and then split the budget appropriately after testing what works best for you. This budget is usually set at $1000 per month, but you can increase it once you know it's working. Think of it as a tap that delivers leads when we open it and tapers off when we close it, allowing you to keep up with the demand operationally.


Are Social Media Marketers Expensive?

If you employ a senior-level marketing manager in-house, you'd be paying between $80,000-$120,000 AUD per year, plus expenses. The challenge with this is that one person only has so much experience, knowledge and won't have other creatives to bounce ideas off. Engaging Thinkroom’s team for social media services will cost you as little as a third of an employee, and in addition, you'll get experienced minds you simply can't employ. You'll also get more than just a social media consultant; we look at growing businesses from a holistic point of view, and as we mentioned in our first paragraph of this page, social media marketing is only one small part of the marketing engine.

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