Email Marketing

Email marketing agency

Email marketing is an essential PR and communication tool that every business needs. Social media marketing may be a hot topic, but if email marketing agencies do their job well, the result can drive increased sales and customer loyalty. In fact, many E-commerce companies treat marketing software like HubSpot email marketing as their #1 strategy because email marketing is the most effective tool for driving revenue.

Why use an email marketing agency instead of DIY?

So, let's take a closer look at exactly what services an email marketing agency offers. First, you need to consider that email marketing requires considerable database management, segmenting consumer groups, and communicating to different channels in different tones. Why? Because email marketing agencies study analytics, they measure campaign tactics and know what content certain consumer groups respond to. Then they can create content ideally suited to your customer base. B2B email marketing services can get complex and data-driven quickly.

One of the primary email marketing goals is to grow your database into a behemoth list that gives you powerful influence and revenue control. This, combined with a well-planned email marketing calendar, can ensure your business is firing on all cylinders at the right times of the year, maximising margin and opportunity.

How do email marketing agencies grow databases?

Thinkroom does a lot more than an independent email marketing agency can do for your business. We support your business plan by running email lead generation campaigns that capture the contact details of interested consumers. We ask them for their email addresses in trade for something valuable; they happily agree, and suddenly, we've grown your database. It requires planning, consistency, and analytics, but email marketing isn't rocket science.

We often create email marketing campaigns for small businesses that drive traffic to your website. So again, Thinkroom considers it essential that we're optimising your website for conversions.

What does email marketing cost?

In Australia, the cost of B2B email marketing services is cheap in comparison to other forms of communication tools. So, what’s the best email marketing software when it comes to cost? The price of marketing automation depends on the size of your database, but often online software such as HubSpot email marketing or Mailchimp is free for the first five hundred customers you have. As you grow your CRM and email marketing database, Mailchimp charges a small monthly subscription of approximately $39, based on how many email recipients you want to contact through this marketing platform. This also allows you to use all of its email templates to ensure your messaging looks as professional and polished as possible. If you want email marketing that drives results, contact Thinkroom today.

For a confidential discussion with Thinkroom about email marketing, connect and we'll enter confidentiality agreements and propose a growth plan.