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Why Facebook advertising works

Facebook advertising is a digital marketer's dream. 11.23 million people in Australia are currently using Facebook as their social media platform of choice. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tik Tok may have surged in popularity, but there's no doubt that plenty of people are still using Facebook. What that means for your company is that your clients are customising their personal feeds, signalling to the algorithms what they are interested in purchasing. That's why it's still beneficial to include social media marketing in your digital marketing strategy. But here's the thing; posting on your Facebook page is a lot of work, so it's pretty time-consuming. You know it's essential, but there's always something else that takes priority, and this is where Thinkroom can help. We are a Facebook marketing agency that specialises in getting results for our customers.

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Why use a Facebook Advertising Agency?

In most cases, a significant part of our clients' lead generation strategy focuses on using Facebook's paid advertising tools. We are a full-service Facebook advertising agency with a team of digital marketing experts that specialise in Facebook and social media advertising. We can handle the entire process, including the creative, setup, delivery, and customer interactions. We'll create the content, and all you have to do is let us know who your target audience is. We will work to increase brand awareness through paid social media posts and stunning graphic design. The same team then generates and analyses customised reports uncovering the best performing, lowest cost ad strategy for your business.

How to get Facebook leads

You will be wanting a positive ROI on your marketing spend, which is why you need to choose us as your Facebook ad agency. Facebook's back-end allows Thinkroom Australia to generate reports and create something called a Facebook pixel that we attach to your website. We do this so we can track Facebook leads through to the enquiries you get on your website. You'll know exactly what's working and what's not, thanks to the comprehensive data we can provide you with. We have full control over the audience, demographics, the spend, and even the location your ad is shown in. We continually improve your ad strategy over time, gaining you more sales leads at lower costs per conversion.

What is A Facebook Ad Agency?

A Facebook advertising agency is one that specialises in using Facebook to increase brand awareness and get new leads. Facebook ads are one of the best ways to get your business noticed by your target demographic. We harness this technology to generate engaging Facebook ads that can help you to land new clients. While email marketing and content marketing will likely always be useful sources of leads, the power of social media marketing cannot be overlooked. With social media becoming more and more of a source of new customers and leads for businesses all over Australia, Thinkroom has decided to specialise as a Facebook ad agency. That means that we know how to use Facebook inside and out in order to generate interest in your products and services. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business to generate new leads and make more sales.

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