Facebook advertising

Why Facebook advertising works

Facebook advertising is a digital marketers dream. 11.23 million people in Australia use Facebook, and that means that your clients are customising their personal feeds, signalling to the algorithms what they're interested in purchasing. But here's the thing; posting on your Facebook page is time-consuming. You know it's essential, but there's always something else that takes priority, and this is where Thinkroom can help.

Facebook advertising experts

In most cases, a significant part of our clients' lead generation strategy focuses on using Facebook's paid advertising tools. We have a team of digital marketing experts that specialise in Facebook advertising, handling the entire process, including the creative, the setup, delivery, and customer interactions. The same team then generates and analyses customised reports uncovering the best performing, lowest cost ad strategy for your business.

How to get Facebook leads

You'll be wanting a positive ROI on your marketing spend, and Facebook's back-end allows Thinkroom Australia to generate reports and create something called a Facebook pixel that we attach to your website. We do this so we can track Facebook leads through to the enquiries you get on your website. You'll know exactly what's working, and what's not.

We have full control over the audience, demographics, the spend, and even the location your ad is shown in. We continually improve your ad strategy over time, gaining you more sales leads at lower costs per conversion.

Drive more online sales leads through a winning Facebook advertising
strategy with a Thinkroom Australia partnership.