By engaging with Thinkroom Limited (Thinkroom) and making any payment at all, you indemnify Thinkroom, and it's representatives from any financial and professional liability in regards to your offering, compliance requirements and performance. You understand that Thinkroom representatives are not chartered accountants, nor legal professionals and that you should seek independent advice on any financial or legal matter discussed. Thinkroom accepts no liability for any losses incurred due to late production, errors and any other consequential losses, and provides services "as is" with no representations or warranties as to merchantability or fitness for purpose, and liability for all causes whatsoever, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, shall be limited to the net profit of Thinkroom under any given job. If your use of our services or deliverables may expose you to professional liability for which require cover, then Thinkroom requires a detailed brief in writing to Thinkroom Management.



Your agreement of any price indication or quote via email indicates that you agree to pay for the above-specified products and services, and personally, guarantee payment of the same if agreeing on behalf of your organisation. Late payments will incur a 2% penalty per month. 

Intellectual Property

Thinkroom will retain ownership of any intellectual properties he introduced including but not limited to sales systems, ad copy, operational structures and training programs. It is understood that Thinkroom works with various businesses and any learnings, methods, techniques or systems will be used with other brands.


By engaging with Thinroom you agree that any images supplied by you, or used in any manner digitally has been checked by you and is free from copyright restrictions. You indemnify Thinkroom from any financial implications that may occur as a result of copyright infringements.


As a client of Thinkroom, you'll be granted access to your social media accounts. An approval period for any advertised digital publication will occur. Usually, ads will be submitted and during the approval process that the social media platform conducts. This is your opportunity to make or request edits, check the accuracy of the publication or delete content if appropriate. Failure to act or communicate concerns during the approval period will be assumed that you;'ve checked and approved the content for publication. Approvals of items, such as signage, printed goods, both verbal and written are binding and will result in your items being manufactured. Upon approval, you accept any artwork as accurate and the relevant costs of production.

Risk & Title to Products

Until payment in full of all indebtedness to Thinkroom in relation to the sale of products or supply of services, Thinkroom and the Customer agree that:

The title to the products supplied remains with Thinkroom.
You will upon demand assign all proceeds of the sale to Thinkroom.
The products shall remain the property of Thinkroom so long as Thinkroom is owed any money by you; and risk in any products supplied shall pass to you at the point of delivery.
Where Thinkroom has reasonable cause to believe that you have not strictly complied with the conditions or that you have or will commit an act of Bankruptcy or (being a Company) has had a receiver appointed or is about to be appointed or is declared or becomes insolvent, you may suspend the delivery of any products or services, or repossess any or all of the products supplied and may at any time of the day or night enter by force if necessary upon any premises where such products are reasonably thought to be stored. You shall indemnify Thinkroom against any claims, costs and liabilities arising from the exercise of this right of entry.
 If the products or any part them are sold or disposed of by you, the Customer, you will be deemed to have done so as agent for Thinkroom and the proceeds of such sale will be the property Thinkroom. You will hold all proceeds of sale or disposition on trust for Thinkroom.

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