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What is local SEO?

Google's job is to give its users the most relevant results possible, so if you were searching for a plumbing company in Noosa, but you got results in Maroochydore, you'd be less than impressed. Your business needs to be optimised for local search results; this means pinning you on the map, ensuring all keyword research is written into your Google My Business content, and your link structure is correct. Aside from this, Thinkroom's local SEO service will build you a strategy for improving your digital reputation and creating a barrier that your competitors will find hard to challenge.


Google My Business agency

No digital marketing company solely focuses on Google My Business, so it's not quite accurate to label anyone as a Google My business agency; however, GMB is directly related to local SEO, and local is related to your overall SEO strategy. It's of no surprise that populating Google My Business with the right ingredients is going to assist in increasing your rankings; it's a forum for populating a summary of information that's similar to what's on your website so local people can get to your information quickly. GMB also links through to Google maps, and this is essential to use correctly both on your website and to verify your location. If this isn't set up correctly, you're almost invisible to anyone searching for your service.


How quickly can we get results?

Once engaged with Thinkroom's local SEO service, we'll start with a strategic meeting to understand your business in more detail. This allows us to discover new revenue streams, structure your online strategy and focus on what services will give you the fastest and highest margin results. Local SEO & GMB are usually at the top of the list, and once our team starts working on it, we'll make improvements that will start seeing results in under a week. Of course, this is dependant on having you Google verified accurately first. If you need help having your Sunshine Coast business found, then feel free to reach out, and we'll happily talk you through the best options.

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