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What is keyword research?

Google crawls the internet, page by page, reading the text you’ve written and figuring out what’s relevant so they can dish up the best results for those who are making a Google search. Having the exact keywords that people search buried within your content in a naturally written way is extremely valuable. Of course, it’s a little more complex than that, but this gives you a general understanding of why a keyword research agency would base its entire content strategy on keywords; it’s the foundation of many marketing methods, for example, it’s valuable to include keywords in Google My Business, in Google ads and of course for SEO. Without keyword research, your website may as well be a paperweight.

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Importance of keywords in SEO

SEO can be split into two parts; content strategy and technical SEO. Keywords are relevant mostly to your content strategy and are extremely powerful in gaining momentum in your web traffic.

For example, if your copywriter wanted to write the term “SEO Sunshine Coast” into your website content, you have a potential search volume of 1000 searches per month. Whereas if your writer chose to use the term “search engine optimisation sunshine coast” you’d only get a potential search volume of 140 searches per month.

What’s more alarming is that most copywriters don’t think at all about search volumes. They’re likely to write “SEO Noosa”, which dishes up only 40 searches per month, or even worse, they’ll write “Noosa agency practising SEO”, which equates to 0 (zero) searches per month. You can easily see how off-track you can get if you don’t work with a keyword agency like Thinkroom. Again, it’s not as simple as writing the content and taking the set and forget approach. This is just a simplified summary to give you a base understanding.

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Choosing the wrong keywords.

It’s easy to get keywords wrong; you can easily get excited about large search volumes, but if you don’t have the right insight of what’s highly competitive, you could be trying to rank for terms that other companies have had a stronghold over for years. You’re potentially going to get almost no short term traction. Instead, you need both a short term and long term approach to consider when choosing the correct terms.
It’s also easy to get mixed up in terminology from various industries; for example, you may think that “AC” is an electrical term, but people who are searching for AC are mostly enquiring about air conditioning.

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