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What does an SEO team do?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what allows a website to be found on search engines. When
someone says they need an SEO strategy for their website, what they mean is that they want to
make their site Google friendly. The Sunshine Coast local SEO scene is flooded with analysts burying
themselves in data, but what these companies tend to miss is that successful marketing requires
emotional intelligence. You need a well-rounded provider of local SEO Sunshine Coast-wide, who visits you in person, leads strategic meetings and explains the technicalities in everyday English.

Thinkroom works with a variety of clients, some of which are within the finance industry, having competitors as banks armed with budgets that can outspend SME’s with ease. As a result, we need to get clever in our SEO strategy targeting high-margin, niche audiences rather than competing broadly in a race stacked against us. Thinkroom, plays to win; it’s that simple.

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​How much do leading SEO consultants cost?

Although business owners want fast results and monthly measurement of ROI, SEO marketing is a marathon. It’s a longer-term investment. Think of it as planting a seed that continues to blossom year after year, dropping seeds and multiplying.
Whereas Google Ads can be thought of as a switch that you can flick on for lead
, but the minute you stop advertising, the leads stop, too. There is no lasting effect from pay per click advertising.

Getting your SEO right is the holy grail of marketing; it’s a marathon, not a sprint and results can take months to see.
If you were to shop around for a local SEO company, you’d find the cost to start from approximately $2000 per month. Instead, partner with Thinkroom, and we’ll show you our incentivised approach. We call it SEO Sunshine Coast – style, It’ll be music to your ears and your wallet.

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How do I know SEO is working?

Thinkroom is both an organic and a local SEO company. This means that we’ll have you climbing Google’s rankings, but we’ll also have you feature a the top of Google’s map listings. We’ll not only provide you with regular reports and analytics, we’ll talk to you about them so you can completely understand what you’re looking at. We’ll discuss the SEO tactics in place, and the SEO work we’re yet to complete.  We’ll measure the results through Google Analytics and other specialist SEO tools. You’ll have complete visibility of your online presence progressively growing.

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Why do I need SEO?

SEO is an essential requirement for any company that wants a reasonable online presence – contrary
to popular belief, it’s not just all about social media marketing these days. SEO services are at the
top of every good business owner’s priority list, along with content marketing, web design, and
email marketing. These are among the best digital marketing practices of 2021. You’ll be laying the
foundations for a website that can continually feed your sales team and answer the question of how
to get more leads. Thinkroom is local SEO company that loves to help grow Sunshine Coast businesses.

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What does a Local SEO company do?

When we refer to the term “local SEO”, we’re not meaning a local SEO company, instead, there’s a service of optimising your visibility only to business in your local catchment. Local
refers to optimising the search terms used in your content for the areas you service. For
example, if you’re looking for a nearby cafe, the same query in Sunshine Coast will produce entirely different results than it would in Sydney.
This makes sense, as you want local search results that are relevant to where you are. Fail to set your local SEO up correctly, and you’ll be missing out on daily opportunities.

Thinkroom aims to be amongst the very best local SEO company, the Sunshine Coast has on offer by helping you to gain the attention of your target
audience wherever they are located. You can even pin your business to more than one location. For example, one landing page could be targeting local search engine optimisation in
the Sunshine Coast, with another set up to attract an audience in Brisbane. If you have multiple offices or you’d like to expand, this is essential and a good example of why you need an experienced local SE company.

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The best SEO companies will attract website traffic in numerous ways. One of the first things to do is analyse your current site content and perform keyword research. Then Thinkroom will determine which areas need improvement the most and start optimising your website design and content to suit.

Next, you will need to begin a link-building strategy to get your brand name out there. This includes claiming your Google My Business listing and getting listed on local directory sites. Local businesses can significantly benefit from this, as it makes it easier to find your company on Google Maps.

Thinkroom is an SEO agency that can also help with eCommerce SEO and email marketing so that your potential customers don’t have to look hard to uncover your products. Let us help your customers to find you more easily.

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SEO Sunshine Coast - Noosa

We’re a local SEO company providing services for SEO, Sunshine Coast-wide, and we’re happy to visit you at your Sunny Coast office. We’re based in Noosa, so if you’re based in Maroochydore, Coolum, Mooloolaba, or anywhere in between, it’s always best to introduce ourselves face to face and show you examples of our successes to date. If you’re not a local business, you’ll be happy to know we work with clients across Australia and New Zealand. Location is no barrier.

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The SEO Service Explained by experts

As Sunshine Coast SEO experts, we first start with a technical SEO audit. This gives us a good understanding of your website framework, how outdated any themes are, whether rich snippets are in place and how much of a clean-up is required before your search engine rankings have an opportunity to climb. Often, we’ll need to retro-fit an older website to bring it up to standard as our first task. We also undertake research into what terms peoples are searching that relate to your industry. We use this research to attract more web traffic. Keyword research is a fundamental of your digital marketing strategy and defines how we’ll move forward. Search engine marketing and SEO tactics can get overwhelming to someone who doesn’t live and breathe the industry, but. if you think of Google ads as pushing, then SEO would be pulling. It’s ranking your business highly in organic search results and the major SEO benefits are that when you’re clicked on, you’re not paying for that click.

FAQ's About SEO Sunshine Coast

How can SEO benefit my business?

SEO can benefit your business by driving more targeted traffic to your website. The quality of user is what makes SEO valuable. If optimised correctly, organic users tend to always tend to be more engaged than those that come from paid ads. SEO will improve your online visibility to the exact audience you're targeting which ideally leads to more sales.

How long does it take to see results from SEO efforts?

SEO is a medium to long-term strategy. Consider it a marathon, whereas PPC is a sprint. Results can vary, industry to industry. It all depends on your competition levels and the state of your website. Typically, you can expect to see improved rankings within 3 to 6 months, but it can take longer for highly competitive environments.

Do you have case studies?

Yes, but we can also do far better than that if you're serious about working with us. We can put you in touch with our customers to hear the honest truth.

What SEO packages do you offer?

SEO is part of the marketing engine we build for you. We don't sell it independently of other services. Please refer to our pricing page for further details.

What is your pricing structure, contract, & payment terms?

Firstly, we don't put you in a contract. We retain our SEO customers because we're good at what we do. We offer monthly packages which include many services to ensure your business is getting a healthy ROI.

What is Thinkroom's approach to handling Google updates and algorithm changes?

Google often releases updates which send eCommerce businesses and the industry in a spin, but it's best not to knee-jerk react to fluctuations in rankings. Our digital marketing agency reads articles and thread released by industry experts on a daily basis. The rule of thumb for SEO success is that as long as you're practicing white hat SEO strategies, you'll be fine. If you're tempted by black hat SEO tactics, then eventually it will come back to haunt you. 

I want to rank #1 on Google. What strategy will you take?

We start with a half day strategic meeting to deeply understand your business, revenue streams, margins and your marketing goals. From here we then work on providing you with a marketing budget and timeline to approve. In this, we'll explain your winning SEO strategy for the next 6-12 months.

How often will I receive comprehensive SEO performance reports?

Every two weeks you'll meet with our digital marketing team for updates of your overall performance. Once a month you'll get an in-depth technical SEO update, explaining it in an easy to understand manner.

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