What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what allows a website to be found; it's making your website Google friendly. The Brisbane SEO scene is flooded with analysts, burying themselves in data, but what these companies tend to miss is that successful marketing requires emotional intelligence. You need a well-rounded marketing agency that plans a strategy, including an SEO niche.

Thinkroom works with clients in the finance industry who's competitors are banks with budgets that can outspend other businesses with ease. A clever SEO strategy targets high-margin, niche audiences rather than competing broadly in a race stacked against them. Thinkroom clients win.

​How much does SEO cost?

Although business owners want fast results and to measure ROI monthly, SEO marketing is a long term investment. You're planting the seed of an apple tree that keeps on giving, whereas Google Ads is a switch that you can flick on for lead generation, but the minute you stop advertising, the leads stop too. SEO is only one component of an overall marketing strategy, and the results can take months to see. If you were to shop around for Brisbane SEO experts, you'd find the cost to be approximately $2000 per month. Partner with Thinkroom, and we'll show you an approach that will be music to your ears.

How do I know SEO is working?

Thinkroom will provide you with monthly reports and analytics, we'll discuss the initiatives taken, and we'll measure the results through Google Analytics and specialist SEO tools. You'll have complete visibility of your online presence progressively growing.

Why do I need SEO?

SEO is an essential requirement for any business that wants a reasonable online presence. It's at the top of every list, along with content marketing for the best marketing practices of 2020. You'll be laying the foundations for a website that can continually feed your sales team and answer the question of how to get more leads.

If you're wanting to get more online leads?
A Thinkroom partnership may be the marketing answer you've been searching for.