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B2B Email marketing services

B2B Email marketing services are an essential PR and communication tool that every B2B business needs. Some choose to take the DIY approach, but the best email marketing agencies will help you drive increased customer loyalty and customer spend. We all know it’s easier to sell to existing customers than to acquire new ones. That said, once you’re engaged with Thinkroom, we’ll look to segregate your email database. We’ll attract potential customers, trigger remarketing and design funnels to capture their data. B2B email marketing is powerful if handled tastefully, and as your audience grows, so do your revenues. We use simple, but full-service emailing software giving you comprehensive reports without the large price tag.

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B2C Email marketing services

Working with the public (B2C) often means you’ll have tens of thousands of customers making EDMs all the more powerful. The larger your database, the easier it is to spike revenues. The best email marketing agencies will plan a timeline and tune it to seasonal trends within your industry, and they’ll coordinate the strategy with your blogging subjects to ensure the content strategy is consistent. Our marketing experts wouldn’t want your brand to send mixed messages, so we ensure your social media posting is in line with your EDM releases, too. There are many moving parts, but top email marketing agencies like Thinkroom follow industry best practices and coordinate all aspects of your campaign strategy.

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Hubspot Email Marketing For E-commerce

E-commerce is often driven by HubSpot email marketing strategies because enticing repeat customers repeatedly proves itself to drive the most revenue. Hubspot is essentially a CRM package with features designed specifically for e-commerce businesses with automations and advantages that set you apart from your competition. The E-commerce space is wildly competitive, so if you’re serious about an online store, Hubspot is probably worth a look. Although brilliant, Hubspot email marketing tools require considerable effort to set up for both you and the email marketing agency. Meet with our team to evaluate if it’s right for you. If not, there are plenty of options.

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Should You DIY Your EDMs?

So, let’s take a closer look at exactly what Thinkroom’s Sunshine Coast email marketing services are. First, you need to consider the laborious nature of considerable database management, segmenting consumer groups, and communicating to different channels in different tones. Why? Because email marketing agencies study analytics, they measure campaign tactics and know what content certain consumer groups respond to. Then they can create content ideally suited to your customer base. B2B email marketing services can get complex and data-driven quickly.

One of the primary goals is to grow your database into a behemoth list that gives you powerful influence and revenue control. This, combined with a well-planned EDM calendar, can ensure your business is firing on all cylinders at the right times of the year, maximising margin and opportunity.

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The best email marketing agencies grow databases

Thinkroom’s Sunshine Coast based agency supports your business by running lead generation campaigns on social media channels that capture the contact details of interested customers. We ask them for their email addresses in trade for something valuable; they happily agree, and suddenly, we’ve grown your database. Even if we don’t manage to get an email address, we’ve still managed to add them to our remarketing audience – those ads that follow you around the internet and pop up on your Facebook feed. It requires planning and researching our analytical reports, but the right social media marketing strategy allows us to create successful email marketing campaigns.

We often create email campaigns for small businesses that drive traffic to your website.
So again, Thinkroom considers it essential that we’re optimising your web design for conversions.

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What does email marketing cost?

In Australia, the cost of B2B email marketing services is cheap in comparison to other forms of communication tools. So, what’s the best software to use that doesn’t break the bank? The price of marketing automation depends on the size of your database, but often online software such as HubSpot email marketing or Mailchimp is free for the first five hundred customers you have. As you grow your CRM and email database, Pipedrive charges a small monthly subscription of approximately $40, varying, depending on how many email recipients you want to contact through this marketing platform. This also allows you to use all of its email templates to ensure your messaging looks as professional and polished as possible. To hire a good digital agency to run your EDMs and other digital marketing services usually starts at around $2000-$3000 per month.

If you want to drive revenues, contact Thinkroom today.

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Top email marketing firms follow these rules.

  • Email list segmentation of your database, so people only receive relevant topics sent to their inbox.
  • Focus on mobile responsiveness, and measure what devices your audience is using.
  • Create email automations so new customers get a sequence of communications.
  • Set up abandoned cart eCommerce email marketing campaigns.
  • Select the most cost effective email marketing platform for your type of business.
  • Test various email designs, measure the results and develop a format that your audience is responsive to.
  • Digital marketing agencies connect your EDMs with your website and remarketing platforms.
  • Use professional copywriters to create your email content.
  • Test email and SMS marketing to see which is most effective for you.
  • Set up automated email responses when clients make website enquiries.
  • Help you design email newsletters.
  • Set an email strategy and marketing calendar.
  • Focus on compelling headlines.
  • Measure the ROI of your emails.
  • Ensure brand consistency within your entire online marketing strategy.

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Top digital marketing tools for emails

Everybody has heard of Mail Chimp, and although it’s an easy-to-use platform, it’s not always in your best interest to use it. Why? because other software and platforms charge differently. Some might charge per email you send, and others will charge per email sent. As a leading digital marketing agency in Australia, Thinkroom has a suite of EDM platforms that we recommend, depending on the size of your client list and the type of business you operate. Work with us and you’ll get access to the best rates and service available.

If you have an eCommerce business, we use Drip. Drip allows far more customisation, and fit for purpose tracking. To understand the best tool for your marketing efforts, it’s best to get in touch.

Some platforms research are: Constant Contact, Sendinblue, Drip, Hubspot, Brevo, Active Campaign, Mailjet, Omnisend & Mailerlite. Each with their own pros and cons.

Lastly, if you’re thinking of using chat GTP for your email copywriting, there’s a high chance you’ll bore your readers. It’s okay to use artificial intelligence copy as base-content, but the best email marketing providers hire professionals that change that base content significantly. They localise, humanise and write customised email content that’s exciting to read.

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Most businesses tend to use EDM tools such as Sendinblue, Drip, Hubspot or Mailchimp.

For a confidential discussion with Thinkroom about growing your revenues, feel free to connect with our Sunshine Coast team.