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What are guest blogs & backlink building services?

As a content creation agency, providing guest blogging services is a common request from clients, and it’s an extremely valuable part of SEO and our backlink building services. Guest posts on blogs are when we write an article for another website with a link that points to your website.
We only write for websites with high domain authorities, and we only link to relevant articles and sites.

Why are guest blogging services valuable?

The more websites that have high domain authority and are relevant to your business that link to your website sends a clear message to Google that you must be important. It’s not about fooling Google; instead, it’s about delivering high quality, valuable content that users want to read.
The more important you are in Google’s eyes, the higher you’ll rank in search engine requests. Thinkroom’s backlink building services, via guest posting, is an essential part of any digital marketing growth strategy.

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How Thinkroom's content creation agency helps.

Thinkroom’s Sunshine Coast based team provides your business with an end-to-end service. This means we’ll create articles with industry-specific writers; we’ll create a blogging strategy calendar, we’ll undergo keyword research for each guest post, we’ll connect with other high-quality websites and negotiate on your behalf to get our article published.
There’s a considerable amount of work involved, including using outreach software and CRM’s to manage the connections. All in all, our content creation agency handles everything for you; it’s completely hands-free.

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Is guest blogging expensive?

In comparison to other marketing services, no, but guest blogging services is an additional layer of SEO and content strategy that requires an investment usually starting from $1000-$1500 per month, + articles. Thinkroom’s content creation agency offers this service at a subsidised rate for our existing customers, which is almost 50% of what you’d pay elsewhere. You’ll get high-quality communications and articles, and you’ll be reported to on a bi-weekly basis about our progress. It’s important to note that results vary between industries; certain subjects are more interesting to blog about and are highly searched than others.

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How to get started

If you’re ready for considerable SEO growth and you’d like to engage with Thinkroom’s content creation agency, then it all starts with a coffee and some keyword research. We’ll want to know that your industry is going to give you a good return on investment before committing to you with our backlink building services. We only operate in your best interests and enjoy making our customers a success story.

FAQ's About Guest Blogging Services

Are backlinks good for SEO?

Yes & no. There's something called a domain authority which is a scale of trust between 0-100 that Google uses to rank websites. If you're getting links from websites with a domain authority (DA) less than 10, often this can be damaging to your website. If the website linking has relevance to your business and not spammy, then that's ok, but it's the relevant high DA sites that will give you excellent SEO benefit.

What is a backlink?

It's when a website links to your website. The more high quality websites linking to yours, the more trustworthy you seem to Google. Backlinking is a valuable SEO practice. There are two types of backlinks you can receive. Ideally you get a "follow" link, not a "do-not-follow" link. What this means is that coders can tell Google that this link is here, but don't give them any SEO juice.

What is guest blogging?

Guestblogging is a technique to get your links onto other people's websites. You might write an article, send it to them that's of good quality and within that article it links to your website. The recipient will be happy to publish it because it's good, unique content for their blog or website.

Is guest blogging worth it?

Guest blogging has always been a challenge because you need to monitor if websites keep your links up. They might do it initially, but the value is in keeping the links permanently, and ensuring they're follow links. To answer if they're worth it? It definitely helps with SEO, but it depends on your interesting competition as whether you need to do this or not.

How is Ai affecting backlinking?

You need to be careful of Ai. People are writing inaccurate content in the masses, and then publishing articles with errors. Google's priority is accuracy, so if you accept a guest bloggers. content, you need to thoroughly read that it's accurate, otherwise it's likely the content won't rank in any way for you.

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