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What does a content agency do?

As a content agency, Thinkroom hires website content writers who are industry experts in the field of you, our customer. If you own a finance company, we hire specialist finance bloggers. We then have our senior strategists plan a schedule, plan keywords that don’t cannibalise your existing web pages, proofread articles, coordinate the loading of blogs for designers to then apply imagery and handle the publishing of your articles.

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Is blogging effective for SEO?

Yes, absolutely. Hiring a website content writer for Blogging is essential to rank for keywords that your website can’t naturally have buried in the content creation on your standard website pages. Validating this even further is demonstrated by Thinkroom having a dedicated division as a content agency in the Sunshine Coast.

The Content creation we refer to is what Google reads on a page as text. Google then determines if it’s relevant to what people are searching, and if so, Google accurately dishes up the right results. Within any content you add to your website, you want to rank for the keywords phrases that people are searching. You’ll need a talented website content writer that understands SEO, while being emotionally intelligent enough to naturally insert these phrases into your content, giving you the opportunity to grow your website traffic significantly. Through keywords, you’ll be found, and you can also publish the articles on social media, driving interested users to your website. Once they’ve visited your website, our content agency can remarket to them because we know they are interested.
For example, 590 people in Australia search for the term “website content writers” per month. If your blogs get deep into subjects about your industry and you can achieve monthly search volumes of 590 per article, you’ll soon add up your potential to be found.

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Can I Write My Own Blogs using Ai?

It’s best to use Ai as an inspiration. If you use Ai as base content, edit it, humanise it and localise it by at least 50%. So yes, you can write your own blogs, but in our experience, business owners don’t often find the time to remain consistent or don’t have the skills to write a good article. An alternative way to assist in content creation is to voice record your subject, and we can then have it transcribed and given to a copywriter. Our copywriters are trained in SEO optimisation, so you’ll get content that ranks higher than if you had written it yourself.

First, Thinkroom’s content agency will want to know your subject, then we’ll research your best keywords, and the blog will be written by an industry-specific website content writer, with your keywords in mind.

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Will my blogs rank?

Website content writers are often artists. They’re creative and brilliant, but what Thinkroom does as a content agency is merge art with science. Typically, the best copywriters aren’t great spellers or detailed, but wow, they can write. Our content agency will overview the articles, train the writers, layer in SEO value, distribute your articles in all the right places.
Most blogs that get loaded onto the internet don’t rank because people don’t understand how to structure an article for Google. With Thinkroom, we have that covered.

FAQ's About Blogging & Written Content

The most important aspect of writing an effective blog is to provide value to your readers. This means writing content that is informative, engaging, and relevant to your target audience. Your blog should answer questions, solve problems, and provide useful insights that your readers can apply to their own lives or businesses.

Considering hiring a website content writer? A Thinkroom partnership may be the answer you've been searching for.