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Remarketing vs Retargeting

Remarketing is that slightly creepy advertising that follows you around the internet. You’ve shown interest in a product, you’ve clicked on a link, and ever since, you keep having ads popping up in all corners of the web. This is known as using Google display ads for remarketing. Facebook also has its own form of remarketing within the Facebook environment. The term retargeting is just a common mistake. Remarketing vs retargeting? There’s no difference at all.

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Are remarketing ads ethical?

100%. There are a lot of products that you wouldn’t make a snap decision to purchase, for example selling your house, choosing a lawyer, or buying a new car. Even a pair of shorts could have you scared to commit because what if they don’t fit? The more you see the brand, the more you trust the quality and, perhaps after the seventh ad, you finally take a leap of faith.
Remarketing will increase brand awareness to people that have already shown an interest in your products.

What does a Google remarketing agency do?

A Google remarketing agency as part of an AdWords management service may use PPC (a paid ad) to draw in a new audience and entice them to click on something of interest. This could be a curious headline, a great offer, but the real goal is simply to get them to click. Once clicked, the user lands on a webpage, their IP address is collected, and the remarketing begins. A Google remarketing agency doesn’t look for short-term wins; instead, they win the hearts of the audience over time. You can’t expect someone to immediately trust you when you first meet them in person, and it’s the same in online marketing.

It doesn’t matter if the user doesn’t transact when they make the first click because they’re now part of the remarketing audience; they’ll be converted into a customer over time. If you work with an agency and they provide an AdWords management service that operates in this way, the chances are they know what they’re doing.

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What does a Facebook remarketing agency do?

Facebook dishes up ads to people based on their previous behaviour. If they know you like motorbikes, they’ll post motorcycle ads. If you’ve clicked on a motorcycle ad, then the remarketing will kick in, and you’ll be on the receiving end of these ads over and over again. A Facebook remarketing agency can decrease your costs per acquisition significantly by using remarketing correctly. It’s far easier to convert a warm lead into a sale than to always chase cold leads. Your remarketing audience is a group of people who are warming up to your brand.

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Thinkroom could easily be thought of as both a Facebook and Google remarketing agency, but as part of our PPC or Adwords management service, remarketing is just an addition and is included in the service. Marketing is an engine that needs to fire on all cylinders, and remarketing is an essential fuel-ingredient that most companies neglect. It might be the reason you’re not converting your leads into sales.

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