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Why is my website not converting?

What makes a website convert and make sales? Many people build sites wrong; They hire a builder but forget about the architect. When Thinkroom builds a site, we optimise for SEO right from the outset. This means that we want the 880 people searching terms similar to "Web Design Sunshine Coast" per month to land on our website. We also wouldn't mind the other 540 people searching the term "Web Designers Sunshine Coast" landing on our site, too. So how do we achieve this?

First and foremost, if your site isn't built with SEO in mind, you won't have a chance of getting those enquiries. Thinkroom has dubbed our service as "Web design Sunshine Coast-style". We don't hide behind technical jargon; we explain everything in detail in easy to understand language. We're happy to work on incentivised agreements giving you the comfort that we have your best interests at heart. We do love a challenge, and we love working for great people.

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How to build a website that converts

Web design Sunshine Coast-wide isn't easily comparable. Website designers are technical geniuses, but they usually only price and build your site, nothing more. The problem with this approach is that you'll never get the results your business needs and deserves.

In contrast, Thinkroom plans to grow and compound your online conversions so you have a stronghold that competitors can't derail. Your web design is the mothership of all marketing and we establish an online strategy which includes lead generation from social media advertising, SEO and content creation amongst others, all of which drives traffic to your website resulting in sales. You'll get more sales leads and have the reporting to prove it.

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The Thinkroom advantage

Building a website is not a "set & forget" task, like a brochure. This approach doesn't work because Google wants to see a website that changes, a website with growth, relevance and fresh content. Thinkroom's Sunshine Coast web designers will bring you more sales leads and you'll access our extensive network of expert web developers and UX/UI web designers.

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What do websites cost?

If you're looking to hire a website designer, there are a few things to watch out for. First, are you buying a template or a custom design? Templates are fine if you only need a digital presence for people to research your business, but if you want to grow your business by getting more leads, and being found by more customers through SEO techniques, then you're going to want a custom build that you can adapt.

If you're being quoted less than $4000 for a website, it's probable that you're going to get a template that's been skinned with your brand, but structurally, it can't be changed without custom code. You're effectively hiring a graphic designer to add new photos to a prebuilt website.

Templates aren't all equal; there's old technology out there that Google penalises. Make sure it's mobile-friendly at the very least. Check the friendliness on multiple phones, tablets etc. and check each page to ensure it's displaying correctly; for example, buttons aren't missing on each device you test with. If you want to get all geeky about your template research, check out Google's Web Core Vitals update.

You're also going to want a website template that allows easy backend access that you can edit. If not, you'll be paying the developer each and every time you need a change.

If you want a website that's going to grow your business, you'll be looking at a site investment of $7000+, but this all depends on the complexity. In mentioning complexity, most website projects don't complete unless the developer or digital agency provides a copywriting service. This could be an additional cost or built into the site build. Copywriting is a significant amount of work, and if it's done correctly, using keyword research can make a large difference to whether you're found, ranking with Google and getting leads or not. Our web design, Noosa based team are always willing to give you advice regardless of who you choose to work with. We're here to help.

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