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What is Content Marketing & Why Is It Important?

Your content marketing strategy is when a full-service digital marketing agency creates and distributes ad content, graphics, video, and online written content. Thinkroom creates and delivers this quality content on behalf of our clients to generate high-quality leads. This includes citations, product descriptions, responses to detailed client reviews, YouTube channels, SEO website copy, and digital marketing campaigns.

Blogging, is often underestimated in its importance. Think about how Australia’s banks publish articles, similar to how a health authority would publish important notices. Regular content signals to Google that your business is a subject matter expert, an authority. If you’re an expert, then it’s likely you’re going to see an increase in rankings.
Your articles need to be relevant, accurate and have keyword research phrases within, but most importantly, they need to be written to engage the reader. A content marketing agency like Thinkroom is the solution.

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What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research uses specialised SEO tools to discover the most highly searched terms by people in your area. Thinkroom is a content marketing agency that can easily find out what phrases people are typing into Google, the volume of searches, and the competitive levels around that specific phrase. Your content strategy should start with carefully planned keyword research.

Content Marketing Agencies Consider Seasonality

Ideally, you’ll create a content marketing strategy around the seasonal trends of your industry. For example, if you’re operating a gym, you’ll want to create articles about shredding belly fat in Spring, just in time for Summer.
An experienced content marketing agency will plan out your subjects six months prior to them being written and will conduct the relevant research to assist the copywriters to produce content as best as possible.

Will People Actually Read My Content?

If your content is well written and being picked up for key search phrases, then yes, large amounts of traffic could easily land on your articles, so it’s essential to think about how you might lead them from your blog, to transacting with your business in some form.
Thinkroom has a few tricks up our sleeves, combining paid advertising with remarketing that can drive your blog article readership through the roof. Our content marketing agency services include the creation of large databases of customers with specific interests. Then we target them with products that match those interests. Your content strategy encompasses all of this and is one of the most valuable digital marketing practices known.

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How to Write a Blog

A blog needs to be written for the reader instead of keyword stuffing the article unnaturally. You also need to choose one keyword phrase per article to focus on, and there’s a certain word count that you should be striving for. If you’re a DIY content strategist reading this, then start Googling the subject you want to write about and then research how the competition is structuring their articles, how long the articles are, and how often. It’s a time-consuming skill-set to learn, so many business owners find that it’s more efficient to just use content services from Thinkroom to handle it for them.

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On-page Content Creation & SEO Strategists

Ranking on Google and SEO is essential to copywriting. Small businesses are best to have an SEO strategist researching and determining content topics. On-page content on your website should rank for keywords, and it’s essential that your blogging doesn’t compete with those keywords. It’s called key-word cannibalisation. Instead, your blogs or articles should be written with similar search phrases and link to your web pages to increase their importance in the hierarchy of your website.

Remember, the purpose of writing blogs is often to drive traffic to your website, which results in readers transacting with you. Linking is critical and yet another reason why you need a qualified content marketing agency ensuring quality control.

How Much Does A Content Marketing Strategy Cost?

A content strategy from Thinkroom is bundled into our monthly packages. There are many moving parts to creating content strategies for clients, so it’s easiest to give you an understanding of what your annual marketing budget might be. Thinkroom positions our content marketing services, so they are far less amount than what it would cost to hire an employee. Yet, you get the experience of multiple senior-level advisors with a collective knowledge far greater than any individual could hope to have. Better yet, the team members at our content marketing agency are incentivised on the results they achieve for your business. If you’d like further information about pricing, please visit our pricing page and connect with us for a confidential discussion. It all starts with a coffee.

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Content & B2B Marketing Solutions

If you’re in a B2B industry, one of the best content marketing strategies would have organic LinkedIn posting at the top of the list. LinkedIn’s social media content is powerful. We can build you an audience of your exact target market, create brand awareness, improve your online presence and ultimately grow your business with lead generation. Most people underestimate the power of LinkedIn. In fact, most people don’t like writing about themselves, so the wonderful thing about partnering with Thinkroom is that we handle your B2B marketing needs for you. We’re here to make your life easy. The right content, with the right SEO agency in behind it can grow your business 10-fold.

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Website Content That Converts

Your website can either be a paperweight that floats around cyber-space, never to be found, or it can be a super-magnet attracting users who search for your services. Digital content produced by a team of expert SEO’s will do just that. Your website design needs to cater for the right structure, the right amount of content, while still balancing a great user interface and user experience. High quality content on your website should be at the heart of your digital strategy. Great content gets you sales. In fact, Google has recently released a core update called HCU. This means that it’s rewarding those that produce helpful content with higher research engine rankings.

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YouTube & Video Content

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It also rewards valuable content and is related to SEO. Most people like the convenience of watching a video rather than reading an article, and they want content that educates. YouTube is mostly a learning platform, so video content embedded into your website and social channels is becoming more important for successful content strategy.

FAQ's About Content marketing agency

The frequency of publishing posts on social channels or blogs depends on your industry. For EDM's and social positing, Its best to measure the results and user engagement to understand what your audience responds best to. For website updates, socials and blogging, it's important to consistently edit your content, so it remains current. 

If you're wondering how to get more leads & increase web traffic
a content marketing strategy is an excellent place to start.