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Why do I need LinkedIn ad management?

Often, the hardest thing for sales staff is to get in front of the right person. Our Linkedin advertising agency can help you can warm up those cold leads with targeted brand awareness, remarketing and capturing their curiosity leading to an enquiry. Lead generation is one method of LinkedIn ad management campaigns, but often it’s about building familiarity with core clients so your sales staff can get a foot in the door.

We’ll raise your brand awareness with your target audience, generate leads, develop a content marketing strategy and build a database of potential customers for remarketing purposes. Work with Thinkroom and your
dream clients will know exactly who you are.

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Is LinkedIn ad management expensive?

LinkedIn can seem pricey, but it’s relative to your sale value and how much converting that dream client is worth to you. Regardless, Thinkroom’s LinkedIn advertising agency will transition your leads away from the platform into our own environment, where the conversion process can occur at a much lower rate. We offer several strategies for LinkedIn ad management to suit your budget; from video content to blogs and everything in between, we do it all and find the most cost-effective way to convert your leads.

Let’s not forget that advertising is only one part of social media marketing; sharing well-written articles and status updates on social media can attain significant organic reach. This provides brand exposure to potential buyers without paid ads and can drive traffic to your website. Your interested readers may become clients without you even having to pay to promote the content.

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    Why use a LinkedIn marketing agency?

    The benefit of using a LinkedIn marketing agency is that we already know what works and what
    doesn’t on this social media platform. We know how to effectively write new content that connects your
    audience to your brand and engages them enough to get them interested in your products. With the services of a LinkedIn advertising agency, you can hand over the tedious work over to us and stay focused on growing your business and following up leads.

    Here at Thinkroom, we provide not just LinkedIn ads, but an array of marketing options. We are a
    full-service digital marketing agency that can also help you with marketing services such as web
    , content creation, email marketing, and search engine optimisation. So, whether you just
    need one service or several, we are here for you.

    If you require assistance in highly targeted LinkedIn advertising as well as content or digital
    , then a Thinkroom partnership could be ideal. Doing your LinkedIn marketing strategy
    while also operating your company is an almost impossible task. We are a LinkedIn advertising agency that is here to do this work for you; contact Thinkroom’s team, and we’ll discuss the best digital marketing solutions for your business.

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    How much does it cost to hire a blogger?

    Content marketing is a 2021 marketing best practice, and LinkedIn is an ideal social media platform for your blogs to be shared. Here’s the challenge; who’s going to write the time-consuming blogs? What does it cost? Who’s going to proofread, measure the SEO value and add imagery? It’s not as simple as it seems.

    At Thinkroom, we are a LinkedIn marketing agency that engages professional copywriters to
    research and blog about the subjects that your audiences are searching for. We then send you base documents to check for accuracy and make minor alterations, saving you hours of time spent writing them yourself. Any good LinkedIn marketing agency will measure and report organic reach through analytical tools and make these visible for you to view as often as you want. Blogging should most definitely be part of any B2B marketing approach, any content strategy, or SEO service. Our Sunshine Coast, digital marketing team does it all.

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    Can I trial your LinkedIn marketing agency?

    Simply put, we don’t tie our customers to contracts unless it’s beneficial for you. If we haven’t given you enough reason to work with us after a month, then you’re more than welcome to leave. What you should consider, though, is that marketing isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon with the aim to reward your business with the holy grail. Most businesses dabble; they don’t commit. In contrast, when you become a Thinkroom client, we’ll explain how it works and why a combination of short-term lead generation and long-term SEO strategy is your best option.

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