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Why hire online marketing companies?

Digital marketing should be at the forefront of your growth strategy, and here’s why. Thinkroom is a Sunshine Coast digital marketing agency, and upon research, 590 local people are searching for online marketing companies per month. That’s 7080 searches per year and quite the online advertising opportunity.

Now let’s assume we convert only 1% of those searches into customers; that’s 70 new customers a year. Let’s look at a different industry. Let’s assume you have a plumbing business. It might frighten or excite you to know that 1600 people per month are searching the term “sunshine coast plumber”. Do the math, and there are considerable revenue opportunities in having a healthy online presence and capturing those leads.

If we think about what’s possible for your business, creative digital marketing agencies like Thinkroom offer marketing partnerships, meaning for the right customers, we supercharge you with additional advertising techniques, bringing you even more traffic, a digital transformation, and we grow your business as if it was our own.

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Internet marketing company or DIY?

Let’s face it, there’s never enough time in the day when you’re running your own business, and online advertising is complex. You’ll never truly understand it unless you devote your whole career to it. A Sunshine Coast internet marketing company like Thinkroom can produce results faster and more effectively than what you can achieve on your own.

But hiring an agency isn’t appropriate for everyone. If you’re a one-man-band, it’s unlikely you’ll have the budget required to really get your engine firing on all cylinders. If you’re a business that doesn’t want to grow yet, you want to maintain your market position, then yes, you do need an internet marketing company unless you want your competitors to eat into your revenues. Just communicate upfront about your intentions, and the online advertising agencies should adapt appropriately. It’s future-proofing your business at the very least.

Best digital marketing techniques of 2024

Content marketing, is one of the most essential digital marketing services required if you want to be found. This means giving your website visitors useful information to keep them engaged. This includes blogging, on-page content, podcasting, and email marketing. Another essential digital marketing ingredient is your digital reputation, such as your customer reviews and PR. This can be set up via Google My Business, and all online marketing companies should be suggesting this as one of the first tasks you need to tackle.

Another element of any digital marketing strategy is SEO, or search engine optimisation. This is what we call “pull factor” and the holy grail of marketing. Get this right and your website will be at the top of Google search results without having to pay every-time someone clicks on your business. SEO techniques include link-building, keyword optimisation, and more. Hiring a digital marketing company to help your site move to the top of search engine results is well worth it and Thinkroom can easily show you how many search queries you’re currently missing out on.

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Cost to hire online advertising digital marketing companies

Finally, the cost of hiring an online advertising agency varies.
Thinkroom positions your investment, so it’s far less than hiring a senior-level internal employee with an incentive model that means if you win, we win. We scale up as a team, which makes getting started in the process an easy decision. If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to connect.

In contrast, if you’re paying only $500 a month to an internet marketing company, then do the math around how many clients that agency has to have to be able to pay their bills. You’ll quickly realise that they don’t have the time to do your advertising correctly. You’ll be pouring money down the drain. On the other end of the scale, there are agencies that charge like wounded bulls. If you’re going to engage Sunshine Coast online marketing companies, think about their business models. Are they showing off with expensive offices? Do they have an employee model? If so, they’re typically chasing their overheads each month, and you’ll be paying through the nose.

Thinkroom runs an incentivised profit share model with all staff members. The better our clients’ online advertising performs, the better our staff get paid.

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Well rounded, digital marketing services

The best online marketing companies will create a strategy that’s well rounded. Think of marketing as an engine that needs to fire on all cylinders. This means a good digital marketing agency will include, or at least suggest search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing campaigns, content strategy, pay per click services such as Facebook Advertising, and Google ads remarketing, email marketing and the services that are most relevant to your business. It may seem complicated, but if you choose the right online agency, you’ll get detailed insights, regular reporting in easy-to-understand English, not to mention your business revenues will fly.

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Not every digital marketing agency is equal

Digital online advertising comes in many varieties, so it’s hard for you as a business owner to know who to trust. You might get a content strategy from one digital marketer, branding awareness from the next, and another marketing company focuses on PPC lead generation. Our best advice is to find an internet marketing company that provides a full-suite of services. If you think of digital marketing as an engine, it needs all moving parts to operate correctly.

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How long does it take a digital agency to get results?

Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet in digital advertising and each industry, operating in different economies, is going to experience different results. But as a rule of thumb, an SEO agency will often say that an improvement of rankings will take approximately 3-6 months. A marketing firm offering PPC advertising can help businesses in a shorter period, for example, 1-2 months. Ideally, you engage a full-service digital marketing company that can have you making progress on all fronts simultaneously, inline with your online strategy.

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Digital marketing services in Australia, vs offshore

Even though we’re in 2024, leading digital marketing service providers still tend to be local to the businesses they offer marketing solutions to. Of course, hiring someone from the other side of the world is possible, but there’s a real disconnect in language, culture, styles and quality of work. Even if you did have the best SEO contractor in India, they wouldn’t understand Australia, like an Australian does. As one simple example, they’d miss opportunities in keyword research, which is fundamental to your business being found. It’s best to keep your digital solution local. Most top digital marketing agencies in Australia use contractors for certain specialties of work, so leave the outsourcing of marketing and SEO to the professionals. A good agency will manage these relationships in the digital world and ensure that you’re getting high-quality expertise.

FAQ's About #1 Online Marketing Companies

Digital marketing strategies usually include a mix of SEO, which is playing the long-game, and pay-per-click advertising, which can achieve fast results. Combine this with local optimisation and remarketing and you'll usually achieve a winning lead generation formula. Additional services include social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and affiliate marketing.

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