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Website support & maintenance

Having a website is one thing, but ensuring it’s backed up, secured against hackers and that you’ve got regular support is essential to any business that generates leads or transacts online. Thinkroom provides a variety of website management services for our clients, and we’re always considering the best SEO practices and how to optimise your website for better rankings. A great example of this is to host your site on a fast server. Cheap hosting options result in slow loading, which can be penalised in rankings, according to Google’s recent Web Core Vitals update. Thinkroom clients get to experience several layers of support and security if someone gets hit by a bus; the keys to your online backend won’t be lost.

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance includes ensuring that when elements of your website, such as plugins, require updating, they are patched appropriately before leaving a gaping vulnerability for hackers to get in, shut down your site and hold you for ransom. Websites are also renowned for breaking. This is because of the many moving parts, and as one updates, another breaks. Our web developers will regularly use tools to check for vulnerabilities or broken links. You, as the website owner, might report the fault initially to our website maintenance services crew, and usually, you’ll be back online within minutes.

What do website maintenance services cost?

We subsidise our rates for our clients that want to grow their businesses with our digital marketing services. In fact, a lot of what would usually get charged gets absorbed by our SEO services or monthly agreement. Usually, there is a hosting, maintenance and monthly security fee which gets invoiced for approximately $100, but this all depends on what’s required for your website to perform; every website has different demands and features. All-in-all, our website maintenance services will keep your online business up-time at a maximum.

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Website management services & Backups

As part of our website management services, specifically maintenance, we offer regular backups. Backups are encrypted and stored on secure servers in various western locations around to world to ensure your data is always safe from natural disasters and hackers. We host locally first and foremost to give you the fastest response whenever a user sends a query (opens your site). With Thinkroom, your online presence will be smooth, secure and well maintained.


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