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If there's one question that every business owner wants to know the answer to, it's how to get more leads online. But here's the question; Who do you trust? Which agency is going to perform versus who are fast-talking cowboys that don't deliver? A good starting point is that if anyone ever promises you 100 leads for $5000 or similar sounding claims; they're not genuine. Why? Put simply, no one has a crystal ball. Marketing is an assumption until we have real results to prove what leads cost.

Become a Thinkroom client, and you'll be given the facts in reports, not empty promises. We are a Sunshine Coast lead generation company with a dedicated team that won't rest until we've found a winning formula for your business.

How to get more leads

Businesses often try to gain more leads through social media marketing, such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn advertising. but often fail without the help of a lead generation agency such as Thinkroom. Why? You don't have the time to dedicate to marketing, nor the industry experience we can apply. You may dabble, you may even get a few successes, but if you're serious about growth, you need to be part of a winning team. We use pay-per-click methods on social media to define your target audience, and we follow your leads' behaviour from social media to your website through to the point of conversion. Thinkroom's team creates successful campaigns that will consistently bring you more leads when you need them. You'll be fascinated with the results that we uncover through our lead generation services, and you'll love the sales pipeline you gain from it too.

Cost of generating leads

If you're serious about growing your business, you'll need a PPC budget of no less than $1000 per month, spread across multiple social media advertising platforms. Thinkroom is a lead generation agency that doesn't assume anything; we like to measure our results and let the market tell us what works best. Although our experience across industries is valuable, we also understand that no two clients are the same, translating into a lot of analytical testing so we can allocate your budgets where you'll get the best return.

How to get high-quality leads

You want a healthy return on investment when you spend money on engaging a lead generation company, and you'll also understand that not all leads are equal. Actual sales are what counts to you, not only for an ROI but also to avoid disengaging your staff who have to handle these leads. So, this begs the question, how do you generate high-quality leads?

Our experience in lead generation services tells us that tracking leads right through to the conversion is the answer. As an example, we've discovered that Facebook ad stats aren't entirely accurate. They'll show you a volume of clicks that doesn't translate to users on your website. In comparison, our backend analytics will disregard users that have bounced immediately or have clicked by accident.

Many lead generation services from companies don't measure this correctly. They provide leads, but the quality of lead is average. They target people scrolling through Facebook, known as "clickers". Yes, there's actually a setting to target an audience of people who are clickers. They click on everything. The only problem with that is that many of these "clickers" don't convert into actual sales. In contrast, you're better to attract fewer leads but people who are actively showing an interest in what you're business provides. Conveniently, we keep putting your brand in front of them until you're familiar, trustworthy, and they buy from you.

What is Lead Generation?

Typically, every Sunshine Coast business wants more leads when first chatting with Thinkroom about its marketing strategy. Lead-gen involves finding people who are already actively interested in your services, and we use PPC services like Google ads, so you can be found at the very moment when the user is ready to buy. We can also draw traffic to your website using SEO techniques. This is a form of generating leads, but it's a long term strategy versus PPC, which is instant. Thinkroom provides both. In summary, you'll get qualified, warm leads delivered to your inbox who have already engaged with your brand numerous times, and they're ready to buy.

Why Choose Thinkroom?

We are a lead generation agency with a difference. Not only do we want to help you get leads, but we can actually help you to convert those leads into customers. We help B2B as well as B2C organisations in getting more leads. Contact us to find out more. We can help you to generate leads in several ways, including: Email marketing, online advertising, improved website design, search engine optimisation, content marketing and more.

If you're wondering how to get more leads?
A Thinkroom partnership may be the marketing answer you've been searching for.