Lead generation

Experts in lead generation

If there's one question that every business owner wants to know, it's how to get more leads online? Become a Thinkroom client, and this will become our primary focus; our experts won't rest until we've proven a winning formula.

How to get more leads

Getting more leads is usually via social media marketing, such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn advertising. We use these pay-per-click methods to define your target audience, and we follow your leads' behaviour through to the point of conversion. This depth of research and analysis creates a framework for Thinkroom's team to create successful lead generation campaigns again and again. You'll be fascinated with the results we'll uncover.

Cost of lead generation

Our clients agree to a lead generation budget of no less than $1000 per month, spread across multiple social media advertising platforms. Thinkroom doesn't assume anything; we like to measure our results and let the market tell us what works best.

How to get high-quality leads

As a business owner, you'll be wanting a healthy return on investment and what a lot of marketers fail to understand is that not all leads are equal. Conversions are what count to you, and the quality of the lead is essential to the ROI on marketing spend. So this begs the question, How do you generate high-quality leads? The answer, as mentioned previously, is research, analysis, and tracking your lead-sources through to the conversion, revealing our best lead generation strategy for future campaigns.

If you're wondering how to get more leads?
A Thinkroom partnership may be the marketing answer you've been searching for.