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Google Ads Agency

Thinkroom is a Google ads agency, and within hours, our experts will be driving relevant traffic to your website. Your Google ads will be set up correctly, and you'll have customers that are ready to buy visiting your website.

Any Google ad agency worth their salt will launch test campaigns trying combinations of keyword phrases. Thinkroom will measure the conversion rates, and make adjustments accordingly, continually improving your cost per conversion and lead generation success rates.
Google Ads are also known as Google Adwords, and are managed by professional PPC agencies like Thinkroom Australia, for lead generation strategies. PPC means pay-per-click advertising, so rather than waiting for someone to discover your website organically, you can grow your business quickly by paying for an ad to be promoted above organic search results in Google.

How do I know if Google Ads work?

A Google Ads agency will also measure the demographics of who's interested in your products, what time they are searching, and Google Ads manager will give us suggestions of keyword-search-phrases that can be used for future campaigns.

How much do Google Ads cost?

Google ads vary in costs, depending on the level of competition in your industry, but a Google Ads agency like Thinkroom will drive your costs down over time. The average cost per click across all industries is between USD $1 and $2 according to Wordstream, but it's the cost per conversion that's more important.

Thinkroom's Google Ads agency will tack your leads by attaching code to your website so we can track your customer's on-site behaviour. We then eliminate the low-quality leads by only serving your ads to the target groups that are most likely to convert into sales. You'll get high quality leads that convert into customers.

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