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Our Google Ad Agency Gets Results

Put simply, Thinkroom will drive leads to your inbox – It’s what we do best. You’ll love the ROI, and our PPC agency can have your lead generation campaigns up and running within days. We can manage your PPC services (Pay per click) such as Google ads, Google Shopping ads, display ads, search ads and Facebook ads on your behalf. You’ll have customers that are ready to buy
visiting your website almost instantly.

PPC management and pay per click campaigns are an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. It’s an easy way to immediately drive more traffic to your site’s landing page and promote your business. Content marketing, SEO, Social media marketing, and good web design are all necessary but they’re all long term digital marketing strategies, whereas hiring a PPC agency will give you instant results.

A good PPC agency will launch test campaigns, trying combinations of keyword phrases. Thinkroom will measure the conversion rates using Google Analytics and make adjustments accordingly, continually improving your cost per conversion and lead generation success rates.

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Facebook or Google Advertising?

Facebook ads are very different to Google advertising, and although they’re both under the category of “pay per click” (PPC) advertising, the most obvious difference lies in what the users intention is when they see the ad. Facebook ads are an interruption when you’re scrolling through your social media feed, whereas when you see an image or text ad from Google, you will have directly searched for those services. This includes remarketing. Thinkroom measures all ad-spend right through to the conversion; we follow the user, see how they interact on a website and whether they convert. We often find that Google PPC campaigns deliver highly converting leads and often a better marketing method. This depends on the product we’re selling, of course, but generally speaking, Organic search engine results give us the best conversions (SEO), followed by Google.

Reporting That's Easy To Understand

A PPC agency will also measure the demographics of who’s interested in your products, what time they are searching, and Google Ads Manager will give us suggestions of keyword-search-phrases that can be used for future advertising campaigns. All of this analysis and research into analytics is a standard part of the PPC marketing services we provide.

As part of your Google ad management services, we will also collect data on the outcomes of PPC campaigns to track what worked best for your company. That way, we can leverage these results to continually improve and gain traction. Leave the campaign management to us – we have plenty of experience in improving the click-through rate for our customers.

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How much do Google Ads cost?

We design our services to be fully adaptable to your company’s scale and capacity for growth. Google ads vary in price, depending on the level of competition in your industry, but PPC services like those provided by Thinkroom will drive your costs down over time. The average cost per click across most industries is between USD $1 and $2 according to WordStream, but it’s the cost per conversion that’s far more important in digital advertising.

Thinkroom’s PPC services will track your leads by attaching code to your website so we can track
your customer’s on-site behaviour. We then eliminate the low-quality leads by only serving your ads to the target groups that are most likely to convert into sales. Thanks to our marketing services, you’ll get high quality leads that convert into customers. We are a PPC Google ad agency with proven results. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how you can get your new campaign underway.

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Our PPC Agency = Fast Leads

Google Ads are also known as Google AdWords and are managed mostly by trained experts within a PPC agency similar to Thinkroom for lead generation strategies. PPC means pay-per-click advertising, so rather than waiting for someone to discover your website organically, you can grow your business quickly by paying for an ad to be promoted above the organic search results in Google. You can swiftly and efficiently get above all of the companies spending thousands on SEO (search engine optimisation) with this short cut. That said, It’s best to run both SEO and PPC campaigns, simultaneously.

FAQ's About Google Ad Agency

What is Google Ad Management?

Google Ad Management involves creating, continual monitoring, managing, and optimising your advertising campaigns on the Google Ads platform. We start with many variations of ad content, and calibrate results over time, improving your cost per click, but more importantly, your conversions.

Why is Google Ad Management important for businesses?

If managed correctly, over-time, you'll find the winning formula in sourcing new leads. You'll know that for X dollars, you'll get a new lead. Businesses can reach their target audience through targeted advertising campaigns, increase brand awareness, and drive website traffic resulting in more conversions.

How does Google Ad Management work?

It all starts with choosing the right keywords, which is researching what people are searching. Next, our creative team writes captivating ad copy that appeals to users leading them to click on our ads. On the technical side of things, we are setting bid strategies, tracking and analysing performance metrics on a daily basis, making tweaks to improve performance.

What are the common types of Google Ads?

Common types of Google Ads include search ads, display ads, video ads, and Google shopping ads. Yes, we assist our eCommerce clients with their Google shopping listings and ads too.

How much does Google Ad Management cost?

Our Thinkroom packages start from $1790 per month. This includes cost of Google Ad Management, however the prce can vary depending on how many audiences, and ads you'd like to run. You also need to factor an ad spend with Google itself - You may want to consider a minimum of $1000 AUD per month.

How can I measure the success of my Google Ads campaigns?

You don't need to - we'll do it for you. Working with Thinkroom means that you'll be talked through easy to understand reports on a fortnightly, or monthly basis.

Often the metric you get from the native platforms such as Facebook, or Google ads, aren't the most accurate. We track your results through Google analytics, and create conversion goals. After all, conversions are the only thing that matters to your business.

How do I know if a Google ad agency is good?

There's a real range of quality in digital marketing. One thing that might be a clear indicator is assessing how many clients the agency works for, versus how many PPC specialists they have. If the marketing company has more than 15 clients assigned to the one person, you're not going to get the ongoing attention that will give you the best results.

What's a PPC agency, versus a Google ad agency?

Google ads are just one part of what a PPC agency offers. PPC covers anything where you're paying per click. This might be Pinterest advertising, Instagram, Facebook ads, TikTok or video ads. In this page we refer to Thinkroom being a Google agency, but really we cover everything relating to PPC.

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