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How YouTube SEO works

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and it’s owned by Alphabet, the company that owns Google. So if you’re wondering how important SEO for your YouTube channel is, there’s speculation that it could overtake Google search in time.

If you have a social media strategy that doesn’t include YouTube, then you’re leaving opportunity on the table, but what’s different about YouTube videos is that they need optimising. All uploaded content requires video descriptions, tags, location settings, and back-end data that needs to be optimised with keywords, in order for the video to be found. Your channel needs optimising to improve rankings, much like you would want to improve website traffic.

The good news is that if you’re shooting video in portrait mode for Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms, then YouTube shorts now exist, allowing you to reuse content, but supercharge it with search engine optimisation.

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Does YouTube optimisation help organic rankings?

It does, and every SEO company will encourage good video content. If your YouTube video content is loaded, we still need to optimise your video with keywords that relate to your on-page website copy. If done correctly, this is a strong signal of relevance. For practical reasons, your web traffic users are more likely to click on a video to understand the subject, rather than reading a page, top to bottom. Watching a video about your services can help the user understand, which is an improvement in user experience. It sends the signal of engagement, which helps boost rankings and tends to decrease bounce rates. YouTube marketing is powerful and will help your entire online strategy.

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Keyword research service for YouTube videos

The keywords used for YouTube’s social media platform are different from those you’d use for a website. Thinkroom researches the terms and volumes used by people browsing videos who obviously have a different intent from those using Google search. The term “how to” is popular in video searches, and people tend to research here because learning with a visual guide is easier.

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How to convert YouTube subscribers into sales?

Subscribers become familiar with your brand, and as a result, it’s more likely that they’ll purchase from you. Let’s assume you’re a world-renowned Strength Coach, posting daily tutorials of techniques and rants about the misinformation that the fitness industry feeds people.

Using the “give a little, to get a little” tactic, you’d create trust with your following, and at the end of each shoot, you’d mention your link in the description below to visit your website and sign up for coaching. This is one of the lowest cost opportunities in today’s digital marketing environment.

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Digital marketing & video SEO services

YouTube SEO services are a natural progression for search engine optimisation companies. Thinkroom is, in fact, a full-service digital agency, with search engine optimisation at the core of what we do. We offer video optimisation to help you in climb YouTube’s search results organically and improve your YouTube channel’s performance and visibility. Optimising Video SEO focuses on split testing thumbnail designs to discover what gets the most clicks, monitoring YouTube Analytics for how long a viewer watches your content, increasing your subscribers list and following, plus we install call to actions, for the best Youtube results you could hope for. The ultimate goal is to convert your video marketing into sales leads.


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YouTube SEO service for video marketing

Thinkroom’s marketing services always start with a strategic meeting to determine your best digital marketing channels and revenue streams. If YouTube is a priority, we then dive deep into researching your best channel content, video titles, customer personas, and video tags. Usually, video SEO is only one part of a greater SEO strategy as a whole. It all ties together with your website SEO and social media channels. Video production is usually handled by you, whereas our digital marketing agency offers optimisation services such as copywriting, adding subtitles, cards, adding end screens, designing thumbnails and linking your website. We handle the science in backend for all your video marketing efforts. Video SEO services are relatively untapped. There’s a great opportunity for those who invest in doing it properly.

FAQ's About YouTube SEO Agency Service

Great thumbnails are the difference between getting engaged video views or getting skipped. This is a big part of usability in video SEO services and ranking on YouTube. Invest in finding the best frame of your video to use as a background that tells the story. Use standout, sharp designs and fonts to get a simple message across and high-quality images. Optimising video thumbnails for mobile, as well as desktop is extremely important. Get this right and you'll increase video visibility tenfold. Lastly, if you're not one for aesthetics, hire a graphic designer. Designs consistency across your channel, and playlists is an effective YouTube SEO marketing practice.

If engaging Thinkroom as your YouTube SEO agency sounds attractive, please contact us for more information.