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Backlinking & Outreach Services

The more high-quality sites that link to your website, the more Google will view your website as important and ranks you. Well, that’s not entirely true all links need to be of relevance and decent domain authority too. It’s no wonder that backlinking and outreach campaigns are an entire growth model within the SEO sphere of digital marketing. Backlinking is valuable and could be the answer as to why your organic web traffic isn’t growing.

Link building services or backlinking refers to placing links on other people’s websites that point to yours. Outreach services refer to finding the companies that are willing to do this for you, and there’s nothing simple about making this happen. It’s a mix of salesmanship, content strategy and ensuring the other party keeps their end of the deal.

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What's involved in link building services?

Link building services can only occur with an effective outreach campaign, but let’s assume we’ve got that covered. Thinkroom would then negotiate with the third party about the subject to write about that would be of mutual benefit. We’ll engage our keyword research strategist to deliver key phrases with high search volumes to be written into the article and to brief the copywriter on that task. Once written, we then check the article for accuracy for SEO benefit and submit the article to the third party for them to approve and display on their website.
Now here’s the trick to a link building service that works. We monitor all backlinks over time and ensure they remain active. There are some businesses out there that will steal your blogs, remove the links but having a long history of established relationships; we control your content as best as possible. All-in-all, most are honest, and we invest in long-standing relationships.

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What's involved in outreach services?

Within Thinkroom’s outreach services, we manage a CRM system to first research which companies we want to target and request collaboration from; we then populate their data and then create an outreach campaign that will likely capture interest. Our outreach agency staff then start the connection process. We manage all responses and negotiations over both email and phone conversations. The more value the relationships, the longer our links will remain active. As you can imagine, with contacting thousands of businesses comes a reasonable workload and a communication mess, if not managed correctly. Thinkroom’s experienced outreach agency team has systems, software and methods that mean opportunities are never lost.

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If you’re searching for link building services or outreach services, you’re on the right track to growing your online database. The challenge becomes creating copy to entice cold leads into collaborating with you and then managing hundreds of conversations simultaneously without losing track.
Thinkroom’s outreach agency may have the answers you’ve been looking for. Connect, it all starts with a coffee.

Curious about trying our link building services? A Thinkroom partnership may be the answer you've been searching for.