Digital Strategy Agency

If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail

New Thinkroom clients are onboarded with a full-day Think-storm with at least three of our senior-level digital strategists. We discover new revenue opportunities, prioritise goals, discuss visibility and measurement, create a timeline and other information that's critical to planning a successful digital strategy for your business.

As the old saying goes, "The deeper the foundations, the taller the building."

The next step, as your digital strategy agency, is to determine a suitable budget for your recipe of success. We list all the essential ingredients upfront, allowing you a complete understanding and visibility of any spending required. Your budget is likely to include PPC marketing, re-marketing, content strategy, display advertising, CRM integration, SEO, website development and more.

Outside of your digital marketing strategies, but still vital to a winning formula, are services such as virtual assistants, administrators, specialist designers, and telemarketers, to name a few. Thinkroom doesn't add margin to outsourced services; we connect you directly with suppliers to take advantage of our pre-negotiated rates.
Once agreed, we unfold our on-boarding process and progressively work towards our goals.

You're not a number

If you're not already aware, Thinkroom's digital strategy agency only partners with 15 clients at any given time, allowing us the time & freedom to understand your business in intimate detail. Our digital strategist's knowledge about your business compounds, while we hire experts from within your industry to assist in content creation. On a bi-weekly basis, we'll meet to discuss Google analytics tools, campaign data and customer journey reporting giving you access to all the information you desire while keeping it easy to understand.

Global Aspirations?

Fast forward six months, and it's time to revisit and calibrate your digital strategy Australia-wide, if not globally. Yes, globally. We enjoy a challenge and like to partner with businesses that are scalable with the desire for international trade. Key members of our digital strategist team have strong European networks and are proven in running successful European marketing departments and businesses. Partnering with Thinkroom allows you to post, promote and blog in six different languages.


Less cost, more value

What's different about Thinkroom is that we offer more digital strategist expertise than any employee could hope to have as a knowledge bank. We use the word "partnership" because we become our clients sounding boards, we help them through growing pains, we incentivise results, and we become your marketing department without the hassle, expense or complexities of hiring full-time employees. Your digital strategy is critical to revenue and business growth in today's world, considering the social media technology we all seem to live and breathe. With that in mind, if you're hungry for change and want to secure your businesses future, we'd love to chat.

Digital Strategist Employee, or Thinkroom?

Let's assume you hire an employee as a digital strategist. Market rates for senior-level experience in Australia would range from $80,000 - $120,000 per year. In contrast, Thinkroom is a collective of the most talented digital marketers we could find and build from. Our core team is Sunshine Coast-based, and we plug into specialists all across Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Collaboratively we have far more expertise than a single employee could hope to have, and the investment required to partner with us can be less than half an employees wage. To learn more, visit our pricing page and connect with us for a complimentary coffee.

FAQ's About Digital Strategy

At Thinkroom, your digital strategy starts with a half day strategic meeting, so we can understand your business and business goals in depth. It can cover a range of areas and objectives, such as online marketing, customer experience, pain points, operational policies, and more. Throughout this process, there are often discoveries of lucrative ideas and new revenue opportunities in amongst business strategy, but the purpose of the meeting is to give us enough information to create a customised marketing budget and timeline. This budget is effectively the list of ingredients that we think will work best for your business.

Should you hire a digital strategist or engage a digital strategy agency?
Connect & we'll explain the pros & cons.