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Not just a website development company

Thinkroom isn't just a website development company; we offer the complete service which will help your business rank with Google. Website development refers to the technical build of a site, whereas website design can refer to UX & UI design. Think of it as an architect and a builder; you get the best results when you have both. You then need to apply a project manager and ensure you're building with expansion in mind - SEO.

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Designers, strategists & web developers

You can't bake a cake without the right ingredients, and it's the same with a website. This is most business's mistake; they hire a builder who's got the technical know-how and quite possibly brilliant, but they aren't the entire solution. Our team includes web developers, Sunshine coast based digital strategists, UX designers, keyword planners, SEO experts and content strategists. We're a website development company with all of the essential ingredients to help your business rank.


Our build experience

Our web development company mostly build websites using the WordPress platform, allowing easy backend access for content editing. Our team custom codes rather than using templates, and we start the design concept with our usability experts creating an original design in Figma. A Figma file is UX & UI tool, which a trained specialist in usability will lay out the logic of your website. Our web developers, Sunshine Coast based, then build from these plans.

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eCommerce website development

Our website development company is experienced in both Woocommerce and Shopify. We favour WooCommerce for SEO reasons, but Shopify allows a much easier backend for non-technical users to load content, alter discounts and generate reports. An eCommerce website development also requires considerable planning, management and a digital strategy that resonates with users. It's all very well to rank and get your visitors browsing your online store, but if they bounce and find the same product elsewhere at a lower price, then you've done all the hard work without the reward. Thinkroom will not only build you an eCommerce website but also handle launches, but also establish an abandoned cart strategy, utilise remarketing and create a customer journey so appealing that users will never want to shop elsewhere.

Custom web development versus templates

Thinkroom is a website development company that mostly builds stunning, highly functional websites designed to convert, but on occasion, we help businesses that don't need a lead generating engine. Instead, they only need a digital presence, in case they are researched. In these cases, we can help by selecting an appropriate template, then overlaying it with UX/UI aesthetics and logic to give you an affordable result. Most web development companies turn their noses up at templates, but the reality is that not all businesses need all of the bells & whistles.

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