What is EDM in Marketing?

by Ash Horton
September 21, 2020

Most business owners know that email marketing is an effective way to reach your client base, create interest in your services, and gain engagement, as well as new client referrals. But do you know what EDM in marketing is? Or did you assume that it’s the same as email marketing? Let us break down the basics of EDM and email marketing so you can have a detailed understanding.

EDMs are still an integral part of your marketing strategy in 2024 that you need to know about. Maybe you’re already doing it, maybe you know you should be doing it, or maybe you’d like to, but don’t have the resources or know-how to run EDM campaigns effectively yourself. 

So What is EDM in Marketing?

When we’re talking about marketing, the term EDM refers to Electronic Direct Mail. This is a marketing method that countless companies use to engage potential clients in their sales funnel, and web traffic often leads to that funnel being filled up with new leads. Therefore, it’s an essential part of lead generation and what’s best is that you can automate it.

You can use EDMs for both existing clients and potential clients to foster relationships, increase trust and enhance your brand personality, ultimately intending to increase revenues through the generation of new leads.

What’s the Difference Between EDM Marketing and Email Marketing?

Now that you know what EDM marketing is, you may have noticed that it sounds a whole lot like email marketing. So, are these two the same thing? Well, no. Email marketing is just one part of any good EDM campaign.

EDM marketing covers a lot more bases than just email, though email is a great component of any effective EDM campaign. EDM can also be targeted at customers through remarketing ads, social media, and even offline advertising.

The idea behind EDM is that it is like an email blast, where the customer is being advertised your services or product everywhere they look, not just when they check their emails.

It’s through this build-up of brand recognition that they may start to interact with and trust your brand as the one to go to.

EDM Marketing Benefits

Many benefits come from using EDM marketing strategies to reach your target audience. Keep reading to check out just a few of them.

Relationship Building

Every relationship has to start somewhere. The customer in question has given you their email address at some stage, so you already know that they are interested in your products. That means that all you need to do is turn that interest into a sale.

If you provide email content that is valuable to the customer, then this may entice them to buy from your brand. Plus, because it’s an EDM campaign, you’re not just limited to building this relationship through emails, but you can also use social media, text, and more!

Measure Success

One of the most valuable benefits of EDM marketing is that it’s generally easy to measure your results. Traditional marketing methods such as flyers might have results, but they are tough to track.

Because EDMs are online, you can easily see how many people regularly open your emails to them, how many people have clicked on a pay per click ad, and more. Facebook and Google ads, for example, have great analytic reporting tools that can be used. This means that you can find out more about your client base’s preferences and tailor your advertising according to their behaviours.

Some businesses even do split email testing where they send half their client base one email and the other half another to see which type works better. Perhaps just the subject line is changed, the images, or maybe the entire content. Whichever method you choose, this can offer useful data on which emails get the best results for your business.

Many Options

Finally, many businesses love that EDMs give you plenty of options for how to communicate with potential clients. Offer up a variety of message types to keep each communication different and hold the audience’s interest. For example, if you sent out a how-to style of email last week, this week try something else like a case study, or an announcement about new arrivals. Other options include welcome messages, industry news, sale notifications, and event information. 

How Thinkroom Can Help

Are you interested in gaining the attention of your potential clients? If you have an email list that you don’t know what to do with, that’s where Thinkroom can help. We have the expertise to run targeted EDM marketing campaigns that will engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Save Time and Money

We understand that many businesses don’t have the resources to have an in-house marketing team at their disposal. So instead an outsourcing solution for your marketing could be in reach sooner than you assume? For a relative monthly fee, we manage all of your EDMs, email campaigns, and other marketing strategies, effectively becoming your marketing department.

DIY doesn’t usually work, because you never have the time to dedicate to marketing that it deserves, as well as your skills being far more effective elsewhere. In the long run, engaging Thinkroom to partner as your digital marketing agency will not only save you both time and money, but consistently increase revenues. 

We work with you to develop the ideal strategy that suits your brand, isolates your best margins and acquiring new core clients. Contact us today to for a casual chat, to learn more about our services, or visit our website for further details.https://www.thinkroom.com/pricing/

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