Online Fitness Marketing – Why Brand Collaboration Works

by Johanna Ryan
October 19, 2020

If you are struggling with your online fitness marketing techniques, have you ever considered collaborating with other brands? By leveraging other brands that are relevant to your niche in the health and fitness industry, you can amplify your reach. Find out how!

What Is Brand Collaboration?

Brand collaboration in online fitness marketing is an emerging trend in the Australian market. Brand collaboration is when two or more brands work together to promote each other. Why? Well, it’s good for business.

One study of Australian businesses showed that brands who collaborated experienced much higher revenue growth in the previous 12 months. For those who were more collaborative, their revenue grew around 64% whereas the less collaborative brands saw just 26% revenue growth on average. That tells you that the collaborative brands are doing something right.

Brand Collaboration Advantages

There are plenty of advantages to be gained from brand collaboration. Remember that collaborating with another brand is not giving away your customers, just sharing them and gaining new ones!

Create Synergy for Customers

Find people to collaborate with who are in a similar industry to you but sell different products. This will mean that you share the same target market, but your products are not competing with each other. For example, a protein supplement company and a college that offers people the chance to study personal training. These brands can work perfectly together to create marketing that advertises supplements to personal trainers and personal training courses to those who buy supplements.

Your customers will love it because your marketing strategy is helping to direct them towards other businesses they’re likely to be interested in. You share the other brand with them, and the other brand shares its customers with you.

Double the Expertise

When you are partnering with a brand in the same industry as you, you can use the expertise of both companies to your advantage. Use their knowledge to teach your customers about new things they will be interested in. Then you will get to use your knowledge to speak to their customers as well. The customers learn more and you both get to have more expertise for your brand. An example would be if you each wrote an article for the other’s website – but we’ll get to marketing collaboration strategies later.

Strengthen Your Brand

By associating your business with an excellent company, you can improve your brand image. Choose one that is well known and reputable. When they recommend you to their audience, this will have a huge sway, portraying your company in a positive light. Hopefully, you can do the same for the brand that you partner with. 

Brand Collaboration Marketing Strategies

Interested in what exactly a brand collaboration might look like? It can be anything from shout outs on social media to full-on co-branding. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about ways that you could work with another company.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most common ways that brands can collaborate on their marketing efforts. Most brands already have a blog because it is a great content marketing strategy that is low cost and highly effective. You can write a guest blog for your partner company and let them write one for you too. This is an easy way of cross-collaborating and reaching each other’s target audience. Just ensure that you share a link back to your site. This is essentially a free marketing strategy, so why not try it?


Another great idea is to interview someone knowledgeable from another company. You can write up this interview and add it to your blog. This gives you some excellent content that will interest your readers, and you can offer a link to the other business’s website. Let’s revisit our example from earlier with the protein supplement company and the college for personal trainers. In this case, the personal training college could interview the owner of the supplement company and publish it on their blog. Their students would surely be extremely interested in hearing some tips from someone in the fitness industry and understand how different supplements could help their workouts. 


Why not collaborate on creating a podcast together? People love listening to podcasts, and the more experts involved, the better. As you will be doing it with someone else who is knowledgeable in your industry, together you will have plenty to share with your audiences. Share the podcast on your respective social media pages, such as Facebook or Instagram. Then link to each other’s social media to make sure both audiences start following the other brand.

Thinkroom – We Create Collaborative Partnerships

Are you interested in collaborative marketing but aren’t sure where to start? It can be tough to approach another brand to ask if they will collaborate with you. Here at Thinkroom, we cover all aspects of marketing, including brand collaboration. Come to us for all of your marketing needs and we can assist you in establishing a brand partnership with one of our other clients.

Some of our clients are already doing this and are loving the benefits it offers. Why not try it out for yourself and see the results you get? Contact us today to discover how we can help you to grow your business. 

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