Digital Advertisers Guide To Which Advertising Platform is Best.

by Ash Horton
August 2, 2021

Business owners seek out digital advertising as a way to get their brands recognised and ramp up their online sales. Naturally, digital marketing campaigns are the typical go-to for most businesses. Yet, it can be tricky to figure out which platform will best suit the advertising needs of your company. 

The truth is, there’s no single advertising platform that is thought of as “the best” overall- that’s why advice from seasoned digital advertisers can give you valuable insights on which is going to give you the best rewards.

An experienced digital advertiser can delve into the demographic data of your target audience by measuring your web traffic through Google Analytics, which can tell us where customers are coming from, their gender, their age, time on page, bounce rates and more. We can also post paid ads (PPC), including Google ads, which will give us data on who’s clicking and when. These insights help us discover which social media platform your ideal customer is likely to be using and indicate where to advertise your business to start the testing and measuring of campaigns.

If you haven’t already installed Google Analytics, do it now. Start by signing in here, and then give your web developer access to organise complete the connection.

Advertising Platforms to Match Your Target Market

You may be surprised to read the new stats about the users of social media marketing platforms and digital marketing options. Choose one that closely matches the demographics of your primary customer base to easily target your ideal audience.


Pinterest users browse mostly for inspiration which gives you a very clear understanding of their hobbies and interests. It’s a gallery of inspiring images for cooking, landscaping, renovating, how to customise motorbikes or anything that’s visual. People like to browse beautiful images.

Pinterest has over 400 million active users each month, with the majority of those in the 30 – 49 age bracket. Over three-quarters of the users are female and up to 15 minutes per day on the platform. Pinterest advertising will be most effective when used by businesses that target their products towards females.

It is interesting to note that Pinterest has received a surge in interest from millennial and Gen Z users, as the number of those on the platform below 25 is growing much faster than it was previously. This makes Pinterest a platform to watch in terms of changing demographics.


LinkedIn is a website with a larger user base than Pinterest, with over 600 million users. The age bracket skews slightly higher, with the largest age group between 46 – 55. There is a much more even split of genders, with 49% female and 51% male. However, this platform is accessed less often than others, with only 22% using it on a weekly basis.

The people on LinkedIn tend to be more well-educated and earn more than users of other platforms. It requires you to create an entirely different style of marketing content due to its unique audience, which is primarily B2B. You need to be thinking along the lines of content strategy when considering Linkedin.

Google Ads

Google boasts 4.8 billion interactions on the platform each day from 259 million users. This is why many businesses choose to use Google Ads to promote themselves – it has such a broad reach and can target a range of different kinds of people according to your demographics.

Most businesses could benefit from using Google Ads due to their massive audience. The main factor to keep in mind is how much competition your keywords might have, as if you are not in a niche industry, Google Advertising can get expensive.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network is not to be confused with Google Search, as these are two different digital marketing tools. The Google Display Network is more valuable as a brand awareness tool than a selling tool. Use it to get your name out there and make more people aware of your brand and what you offer.

Google Display Network also allows you to apply remarketing tactics – that is, marketing to people who have already visited your site. This reminds people that perhaps they were interested in purchasing that bike they just spent 10 minutes looking at on your site. This is an excellent technique for turning leads into customers.

Instagram and Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are connected, so if you advertise on one, you can easily advertise on the other. They have excellent reporting and targeting tools so that you can narrow down your audience and show your ads to exactly the right types of people.

Instagram ads are distributed to an audience of around 1 billion active users accessing its content each month, and 33.1% of people on the platform are between 25 – 34. It has more female users than males – 57%. On average, the data shows that users spend almost half an hour on Instagram a day.

While connected, Facebook does have different stats to Instagram, as users have to sign up for accounts on each. Facebook has 2.7 billion users a month, and 44% of those are female. The main age group is the same, with 26.3% of users 25 – 34. People spend slightly longer on Facebook – about 38 minutes a day.

If you want to reach a broad range of millennials from all walks of life, Instagram and Facebook advertising is the way to do it. This is ideal for those mainly catering to the millennial market, such as realtors, gyms, and many varieties of eCommerce stores.

However, as much as this sounds like the ideal digital advertisers go-to, remember that Facebook advertising is an interruption. The user is scrolling through their feed, and your advertising interrupts their behaviour. There’s no intent to buy, whereas Google Ads will strike a user when intent exists.


Not to be overlooked, Tik Tok is also a prevalent mobile platform that is growing rapidly, with over 100 million users. More Gen Zs use this platform, with the leading age group between 18 – 24. More women than men are on it, and people spend even longer on Tik Tok than other platforms, with an average of over 45 minutes a day of use.

Tik Tok is not just a trend, so it’s time to jump on board with Tik Tok advertising. Their users are dedicated, spending hours a week on the platform. This offers you the perfect opportunity to access your target market directly if your products or services are geared towards younger users. If you start advertising on Tik Tok now, there is relatively little competition compared with other social media platforms.

Get Help from a Digital Advertiser

While each platform has its own individual reporting tools, that’s not where you can really get a deep understanding of the campaign results. Instead, your digital advertiser will recommend that you measure the results in Google Analytics. There, you can set up conversion goals using Google Tag Manager to track where the lead has come from. This helps you to get an idea of not just impressions but actual leads or sales as a result of advertising. 

Contact Thinkroom today for help with digital advertising. We are a team of marketers who are experts in all things related to online marketing, so we can formulate and implement a strategy to get your business seen.

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