Linkedin advertising

Why should I advertise on LinkedIn?

Often it's hard for sales execs to get in front of the right person, but with Linkedin advertising, you can warm up those cold leads with targeted branding, and you can even create lead generation campaigns.

Why is LinkedIn Advertising expensive?

​It sounds great, but LinkedIn advertising can be expensive, so there are several strategies to run, and let's not forget that advertising is only one part of social media marketing. Sharing well-written articles and status updates can gain significant reach organically. This exposure to potential buyers can drive traffic to your website, and interested readers can become clients, without you having to pay for the promotion of the content.

How much does it cost to hire a blogger?

Content marketing is a 2020 best marketing practice, and LinkedIn is an ideal platform for your blogs to be shared, but here's the challenge; Who's going to write the time-consuming blogs and what does it cost?

At Thinkroom, we engage professional copywriters to research and blog about the subjects that your audiences are searching. We then send you base documents to check for accuracy, make minor alterations saving you hours. LinkedIn advertising and organic reach should most definitely be part of any B2B marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Agency

f you require assistance in both highly targeted LinkedIn Advertising as well as content marketing, then a Thinkroom partnership could be ideal. Trying to manage your LinkedIn marketing strategy while also operating your business is an almost impossible task. We're here to assist; connect with Thinkroom's team, and we'll discuss your solutions.

LinkedIn Advertising