Online advertising

Why you need to hire an online advertising agency

Here's why online advertising should be at the forefront of your 2020 marketing strategy & why a DIY generally doesn't cut it. But first, let's define online advertising because it's a rather broad term.

First, there's social media marketing, such as Facebook and Instagram. Users post information for others to comment, like and share. This gives the social media platforms insights about a user's interests, buying habits, allowing digital agencies like Thinkroom to place ads in front of the right people at the right time.

Then we have something called PPC advertising that an online advertising agency will setup campaigns using methods like Google ads, which display when consumers directly search for a product. Then you have blogging, podcasting, remarketing, email marketing, and then we need to consider your digital footprint and PR tactics. We also shouldn't forget your Website's inclusion of trust elements and the importance of UX & UI design.

Complicated and overwhelming? It's unrealistic to think that a single business owner could retain the knowledge of how to create a significant online advertising presence while running their own business. Instead, partner with Thinkroom's online advertising agency, kick-back and enjoy the reporting and increased revenues.

Should I hire an online advertising agency?

There's never enough time when you're running a business, and online marketing is a complex subject that people devote their entire careers to understanding in depth. This knowledge is what makes an online advertising agency like Thinkroom faster and more effective than what you can achieve on your own.

We engage specialists in their fields, such as developers, graphic designers, branding experts, copywriters and collectively, we produce quality-controlled, online advertising results that clients love.

Cost to hire an online advertising agency

Lastly, you might be wondering what does it cost to hire an online advertising agency, and here's the best part; It's cheaper than hiring an employee, in fact, a Thinkroom partnership from as low as $1000 per month.

Online Advertising